About us

JR Exports sells quality wholesale cut boxed beef to customers in Japan and China. Our priorities are to provide our customers with quality, traceable and ethically produced Angus beef and to do so in a way that mirrors best practice in every aspect.

We take pride in the relationships we have formed over a combined 67 years’ experience in the beef cattle industry. These relationships allow us to best serve our customers by supplying beef that matches their demand. This ability has also led us to be able to assist other producers in doing the same. We help producers who may have just started operating through to the growers who are perhaps just looking to expand or try new markets. Not only do we help other producers establish relationships and discover markets, we also guide them through the first steps of export supply.

JR Exports’ people

John Berkefeld

John has been working with cattle most of his life. Studying at Marcus Oldham College, he subsequently spent eight years in dairy nutrition and genetics, and since then has been heavily involved in corporate agriculture. John has a passion for agriculture as a whole but his core interest is of course beef, and more specifically the management of beef operations. John is JR Exports’ strong and passionate leader.

Ryohei Kitano

Ryo is part of the marketing & production team. He first started in the beef industry as a sales representative in Japan. Here he learnt valuable knowledge about the industry from Japanese beef producers. After moving to Australia 14 years ago, he has gained much experience within the beef industry, from the farm to the abattoir to exporting administration.

Alexandra Hince

Alex began in Agriculture by dairy farming with her family after leaving university seeking something more than working in an office. She moved to rural Victoria and the family business morphed into artificial breeding services. Alex transitioned with it, giving her the passion in beef genetics that she still holds today. After studying animal science at Michigan State University, thanks to being awarded its Angus Australia and Semex Beef Genetics scholarship, Alex began working for John as the Domestic Sales Executive. She also held the position of Business Manager at Mundella Foods before taking some time off to begin a family. Alex has recently re-joined John and Ryohei and is thrilled to be part of the team again.