Our Services

If there’s one thing John Berkefeld and Ryohei Kitano know about, it’s beef. Premium quality, traceable, ethical and tasty beef.

The beef game is no longer about your Uncle Bob getting a mob of steers and then selling them when they’re nice and fat. These days there are contracts to be sought, specifications to be met and regulations to be followed; even more so for export. That’s where JR Exports are at your service.

Here at JR Exports, we are a new type of agent, matching product to markets. We assist beef producers in commencing supply for export. We’ve “been there, done that” in the export world and are keen to share our knowledge and experience with others, for the betterment of not only individual producers, but for the Australian beef industry as a whole.

Exporting Australian produce depends a great deal on relationships with overseas contacts – something John and Ryohei are not short of. Exporting is a process that requires knowledge of legal documentation, health certificates, container bookings, and various countries’ import fees and taxes. JR Exports can guide producers through the process from start to finish.