Premium Natural Beef

JR Exports’ own brand, “Premium Natural Beef”, stands by its name. Our beef is free of antibiotics, growth promotants and genetic modifications of any kind. All beef in Australia is 100% traceable thanks to the country’s National Livestock Identification System. Cattle under the JR Exports programme begin life on the abundant green pastures of the Eastern states of Australia and are eventually transported to Sandalwood Feedlot where they are fed a strict nutrient-rich diet. All our beef is processed in Casino in New South Wales, at an Ausmeat A+ and Export accredited processing facility. It is here that the beef is broken down into various wholesale cuts such as striploins, cube rolls, briskets and rumps. These cuts are packaged into our Premium Natural Beef cartons and sent via cold storage to be packed into shipping containers ready for transport overseas.

Some of the cuts of beef we produce: